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Considering the requirements imposed by the evolution and growth of sports activities, social and cultural aspects of “Capoeira” we present the following BYLAWS, which are the rules and standards of behaviour and ethical conduct , which will determine the level of relations between students, teachers and masters of “ Capoeira” of “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA”.

Therefore, we intend to preserve “Capoeira” as a manifestation aiming to contribute to the education and global development of individuals who practice this art.
Art. 1 – The format of these BY-LAWS are set by the students, teachers and “mestre” of “Capoeira “of the “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA”.

Art. 2 - Students, teachers and “mestres” show the intransigent defence of “Capoeira “and its aspects.
Art. 3 - Students, teachers and “mestres” duties go beyond their rights and personal interests. Zeal, prestige and dignity are shown in all categories.
4 - It is not allowed by any member from any category or graduation to:

I - To be offensive towards other members ,that might question their reputation as a student ,teacher or “mestre”.
II - Express themselves in a manner so as to bring into disrepute the exercise of” Capoeira “activities with other groups or associations.
III – Wrongfully use publicity with fans of associated groups that may as a result demerit the activities of others.

IV – Discredit a member’s abilities in any form when talking to other members either privately or publically.
V - Disclose personal or reported information, which may denigrate the good reputation of members of all categories and degrees.
Art. 5 – Topics will be expressed relating to members of the categories students, teachers, or “mestres”. Peer of the respective categories.
Art. 6 - It is unacceptable discussion of technical aptitude or ability between members of different categories and graduations.
Art. 7 - Every member of all categories will apply their effort and resources of their knowledge in any activity and aspects of “Capoeira”.
Art. 8 - There must be a respectful relationship between the members of all categories, students, teachers and “mestres”.
Art. 9 - Teacher and master will zeal for their exclusive competence in the guidance of their disciples.
Art. 10 - The group membership of any member, including graduation from graduate student forward. It will be examined by the “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA” ETHICS COMMITTEE BOARD.
Art. 11 - There will be a probationary period of least 6 (six) months, where the potential member to join the group should wear their own uniform and graduation system.
Art. 12 - For the enforcement of adherence, the “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA” S COUNCIL OF ETHICS COMMITTEE shall give an opinion and submit it to the “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA’ S ETHICS COMMITTEE” , which will issue a PERMIT CERTIFICATE IN ORDER TO USE THE NAME “ GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA”, and besides it updates the graduation of the member according to the “ GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA GRADUATION SYSTEM”.
OBS. It will be up to the person interested in becoming a member of the group to fulfil with all the terms established in this contract such as: attending trainings, baptisms, workshops, meetings and etc. Their absence will result in warning or entirely exclusion of the group.
Sole Paragraph: It is only for the “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA COMMITTEE” to decide which category to be given to the interested party, independent if it is higher or lower than that they had before becoming a member.

Art. 13 - All instructors, graduates, teachers, masters ‘students and “mestres” should teach wearing the name, uniform and must wear correctly the cord and the system (boca do lobo) of the “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA”, the PERMITE CERTICATE TO USE THE NAME “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA” , valid for 01 (one) year, issued by the headquarter and signed by the President of the “ GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA”.
Art. 14 - To receive the PERMIT CERTIFICATE TO USE THE NAME “GRUPO MUNDO DA CAPOEIRA” the member must pay an annual or a monthly fee. This fee should be collected via bank deposit through the Request Form for the Permit Certificate, which must be filled by the applicant.
14A - To receive the permit certificate the applicant must take a course in “STANDARD and RECYCLING” at least every 6 months with their teachers, masters ‘students and “mestres”. Lack of attendance in those courses will result in penalties and cancellation of the permit certificate, thereby not able to teach classes on behalf of “Mundo Capoeira”.
14A: 1 It is mandatory for all members who teach classes in “MUNDO CAPOEIRA” to have a valid and UPDATED FIRST AID CERTIFICATE.
14B: 1 - The fee will be used for:
-Payments of rooms used for special training and conferences.
- Flight tickets, fuel or transportation of those responsible for giving the special trainings.
- To organise tour for instructors, teachers and students from Brazil to seasonal periods in Europe (we all appreciated their coming for baptism, workshops etc.).
- “Monitores”, graduated students, instructors, and etc., who do not teach classes, must pay the training fees set by organisers. It is not acceptable any excuse for not paying the training and maintenance fees.

-It is prohibited to any “monitor”, graduated student and etc. That is not training to watch the special trainings.
- It is extremely prohibited to record trainings with no permission.
Art. 15 - The affiliate may not perform graduations, baptisms and give courses as well as invite “capoeiristas” (practitioner of capoeira) and “mestres” to teach without permission or knowledge of the headquarter, “Mestre” and President of the group.
Art. 16 - Every graduation above the blue cord shall be supervised by a “Mestre”, president or representative of the group. Besides refresher course‘s attendance is mandatory for “Mestres”, Teachers and graduates.
Art. 17 - The authorisation to teach lessons lies with the “Mestre” and President of the group. Each state with a thousand kilometres away from the array will have a “mestre” or a representative who may refer graduated students to teach classes, but the authorisation will come from the headquarter and President of “ GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA “ .
- It is expressly limited to teach classes on behalf of “MUNDO CAPOEIRA” above the “MONITORES” with the direct supervision of their respective coordinators. Only after the course introduction basic and techniques of” Capoeira” and gained the PERMIT LINCENSE.
17A – If there are two or more member of “MUNDO CAPOEIRA” teaching classes in the same city, they should keep a considerable distance between them. It is strictly prohibited, in any circumstances, members of “MUNDO CAPOEIRA “to perform classes in the same room.
IT is expressly prohibited to have a break of four weeks for baptisms, workshops and trainings. So we can have a better performance of the participants and organizers.
Guests for the events. It is not prohibited to invite “capoeirista” from other groups to participate of “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA “‘s events .However, before doing so you should consult the Ethics Committee. In the same way to teach classes on personal events that are not part of the” GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA “. It cannot exceed more than 2 classes for event.
FORMER MEMBER OF THE “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA”, in order to invite them you will have to evaluated and pass through the ethic board and .So, you keep any problem outside during the event.

Art. 18 - The ETHICS COMMITTEE is the body that determines rules and regulations of behaviour and ethical conduct in relations between students, teachers and “mestres”.
Art 19 - The ETHICS COMMITTEE will be chaired by the President and “Mestre” of “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA”, having as counsellors other “mestres” referred by them. Besides, students, teachers and graduates who eventually are likely to be summoned by the Presidency of the ETHICS COMMITTEE.
Art. 20 - It will be constituted a SUB-REGIONAL ETHICS COMMITTEE in each state or micro-region, working with legitimacy measured by the ethics committee of the headquarter. The SUB-REGIONAL ETHICS COMMITTEE will consist of “ mestres”, masters ‘students or teachers of the state or micro-region, which should always report to the ETHICS COMMITTEE headquarter , reporting to higher office the most serious cases. Should they occur.
Art. 21 - The transgression of this Code rules involving members of different States shall be subjected to a Special Committee on Ethics comprised of members from other states, other than those involved. Besides, they will be judged by the headquarter ETHICS COMMITTEE.
Art. 22 - When a member is in doubt about any matter of ethics that considers not provided in this Code, before taking any action submit the case to the ETHICS COMMITTEE for this determination is made, leaving the resources to the SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON ETHICS.

Art. 23 - In accordance with the severity of the offense, the following penalties will be applied:
Loss of graduation
Forfeiture of diploma
Art. 24 - The expulsion of students in “Grupo MUNDO CAPOEIRA “comes exclusively from the “Mestre” and president of the group. it must occur accompanied by the opinion of the SPECIAL ETHICS COMMITTEE, or just by determination of the “mestre” and president of the “GRUPO MUNDO CAPOEIRA”
Art. 25 - It will be up to the decision resources SPECIAL COUNCIL OF ETHICS when applied the penalty of diploma forfeiture.
Art. 26 – The SPECIAL COUNCIL OF ETHICS shall report to the student’s “Mestre” the occurrence of any transgression and penalty that will be applied to them.

Disciplinary Procedures: warning, Suspension and Exclusion, Loss of graduation and forfeiture.
- Modifications followed by the group lack of discipline.
- Non-attendance at special training group
-Non-attendance at group events
- Lack of respect to the member of the group
- Failure to follow the rules of the groups
-Lack of interest in helping or making part of the group
-Telling lies and gossip

Art.27-Any modification of this Code shall be made only by the national body, because of proposed state entity.Communicated to other state entities with a minimum of 90 days.
Art 28 - This code shall come into force Nationwide on the date of its approval by the National Body.

Art. 28 - Special training will be provided regularly by the “mestre” and president of “GRUPO MUNDO “to those who teach “capoeira” classes.
Graduates, instructor, teachers, “mestrando and “mestres” of the “Grupo”
The training is compulsory , once it will be presented the Group’s ideas and the news training cannot be refused by the student, because it will be presented the Group's ideas and the news for all those who mention lessons in the “GRUPO MUNDO DA CAPOEIRA”.
The training will always be given in different locations. It will always take place in the cities where the “GROUP MUNDO DA CAPOEIRA” has been established.
Absence can be only accepted due to force majeure (health, family problems and trip work) as long as there is proof). The member who is absent for one day will be supervised. The second time it will be given a warning and for the third time the “Mestre”, president and the board will be informed to have the problem solved.

Payment of the capoeiraclasses:

We work with a monthly subscription.
A new student can buy a ‘10-times-pass’ the first month or he can also pay every class seperately as he likes; the next month the student pays the monthly subscription like everyone.

A student can pay two different ways:
- A subscription to train as many times (a week) as he likes;
- A subscription to train one time a week (no matter where).

A student has to pay during the first week of a new month.
The money cannot be returned if the student doesn’t come to class. If he has a valid proof (note) of a doctor that he was sick or injured, the money can be used for the next month of training.

In case of holidays: the teacher will not be present if the gym is closed, even then the students pays the same as always (because he can also train at another place). When the student advises the teacher that he won’t come to class during the holidays (a full month) he doesn’t have to pay of course, but if he does come (i fit was just for 1 time during that month) he pays the monthly subscription.

During summerholidays (July/August) there will be payed by class and NOT monthly subscription.
In case of emergency the teacher can cancel a class but the student can always train in another place where the teacher is teaching. If this happens two times (cancelling a class) the student can ask his money back.

Also remember that some months count 5 weeks, this extra class a student also doesn’t have to pay. So the teacher is entitled to cancel 1 class that month in case of emergency.
Workshops, festivals, extra classes with visiters from abroad are payed extra ans seperatly from the monthly subscription.

Any doubts and/or questions, please speak to the teacher.